Wenhao Sun

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

I am interested in resolving outstanding fundamental scientific problems that impede the computational materials design process. My immediate goal is to develop a more quantitative understanding of materials synthesis-structure relationships; specifically, to elucidate and predict crystallization pathways through metastable phases during materials formation. My work involves developing new thermodynamic frameworks and density functional theory (DFT)-based tools to investigate solid-aqueous phase equilibria at the nanoscale, competitive nucleation, and constrained equilibria. I also use data-mining techniques to design new technological materials, and to map relationships across the structural and thermodynamic landscape of known materials.

Wenhao Sun Materials Theory Staff Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Assistant Professor University of Michigan (starting 2020)

1 Cyclotron Rd 33-338F, CA 94704, Berkeley, California, United States
(425) 443-0325


Materials Theory Staff Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

I work with the CNGMD-EFRC, the Materials Project, and JCESR, to understand how to synthesize computationally-designed materials



    PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with GPA of



      Digital Compression Pioneer Award from Techcrunch

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